Our Libraries

From classics to new music, we represent some of the world’s most exciting libraries for sync in the UK and Ireland.

We’ve been around since the 1950s, but today we’re known for our modern, innovative work. Take a look at our comprehensive and eclectic catalogue and you’ll see what we mean! From Escape to the Country and Come Dine with Me to Friends and Doctor Who, you don’t have to look far to find our syncs. We’re proud to work to with a diverse mix of exciting and innovative British talent, from some of the UK’s most prolific film and TV composers, to commercial musicians and rising stars.

Since our catalogue began in the 1950s, we’ve restored and remastered our original recordings to current broadcast standard so you can relive their magic at modern-day quality. Or if you prefer that authentic feel, the original versions come complete with static and noise from the live recordings picked up on the DAT. Famous placements from the Vault Collection include the score for notorious 1950s B movie Plan 9 from Outer Space, American Werewolf in London, Popeye, Superman, Bozo the Clown and the classic BBC Screen Test.

Brand X are a powerhouse in the world of motion picture advertising. Their repertoire has been the soundtrack to a plethora of big Hollywood movie trailers. Comprising of one of the industry’s most desired sound design collections, Editor’s Essentials, Brand X Trailer Music, Brand X Production Music and Brand X Architects Series, this library is a go to for authentic and inspiring music for storytelling. 


Comprehensive and versatile. This collection has everything you could need. Their sub-label If It Aint Dutch is a treasure trove of contemporary, European EDM, and one to hit up for the late-night beats.


London based library, Frisson Music was born out of a love, not only for music & film, but for creative collaboration. Frisson thrives on working with talented musicians, and creates music for media with an interesting, avant-garde edge.


Set up by a leading Hollywood film composer, Source In Sync are the go-to catalogue for all your vintage song needs. Timeless classics throughout the decades, SIS have everything from Christmas crooner tracks to orchestral film scores that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Spielberg hit.

Australia’s largest independent production music library covers everything from sport to fashion and everything in between. Working with composers from across the globe this is a varied library that’s high-end, glossy and ready to be synched. The Beatbox catalogue never disappoints and includes BBC favourite sub-catalogues, Dramabox and Black Knight.

With their award-winning music and sound design catalogue, these big Hollywood contenders are killing it in the promo world, too. Want to make a biopic about one of the UK’s biggest bands even bigger? Add an epic Bing Bang Boom sound design cue. Need a punchy transition between 60s rock gems? The Classic Whip Crack is for you. And if Bohemian Rhapsody and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood placements aren’t enough, check out their other credits.

Minneapolis-based Black Label Music is a force to be reckoned with, and a real inspiration in the world of production music. It nurtures a diverse and inclusive community of players and performers, and its superbly curated catalogue includes top talent with a great commercial sound. Needless-to-say, this one’s a favourite in the advertising world. A production music library with a conscience and music that’s good enough for Pantene adverts? We’ll take it.

The ultimate kitsch German production music library, this is Euro-library music at its best! This library has some real gems often being sampled in commercial work with bands including 90s indie band Pulp. Check out classic tracks from their archives and explore the best of their new releases.

These guys are big cats in the world of motion picture advertising and beyond. Their super-versatile catalogue sees them nailing the darker side of TV and film (securing the official Game of Thrones trailer), and at the same time, smashing family fantasy (Dumbo and Mary Poppins Returns). This multi-faceted craft sets them apart from their competitors, and the added light-heartedness of their Funny Bone series makes them a go-to for top quality promos.

Methodic Doubt Music is one of Hollywood’s best trailer music libraries and its fast-growing catalogue has provided trailer music for The Dark Knight Rises, Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, The Avengers, Prometheus and many more. Located in Los Angeles, Methodic Doubt Music is a collective of composers, producers and remixers who create original music, and represents a network of artists based in New York, London, Berlin, Vancouver and beyond.

Industry favourite, Ninja Tracks, is a force in motion picture advertising, video games, film, and television. Their unique artistic style and sensibility, orchestral hybrid scores and killer sound design are second to none. When they’re not busy enhancing the visuals for the likes of Fast & Furious and Terminator campaigns, they can be found creating custom scores for video games. If you don’t already know these guys, you ought to get to know them – fast!

This catalogue has grown from Parisian roots to international acclaim. They’ve won many awards, particularly for their ‘world-class’ world music. Their impressive repertoire of field recordings from artists in just about every corner of the globe (and modern/traditional hybrids from every continent) means you’ll have no problem finding what would usually be considered ‘barely attainable’ music in the UK. This, alongside the rest of their catalogue, makes them a strong contender in the world of production music.

Rather than songs or musical styles, Pennybank Tunes’ Profiles Collection focuses on moods and atmospheres. It brings together minimalistic, repetitive, ambient and sound design with drones and soundscapes in different styles and genres. A very eclectic catalogue, and possibly quite leftfield in places, this is the perfect place to head for if you’re looking for something a little bit interesting and out of the ordinary.

Phoenician Order Music was founded by an editor, and so has a wealth of experience of working client-side. All that knowledge shows in a catalogue that really digs deep into what trailer editors want and need. Phoenician Order’s repertoire is built on an ethos of expanding the boundaries of what trailer music can be. And it shows, both in its music and in its super-creative album artwork.

Hailing from France, but making a big mark on Hollywood, Theta Sound Music provides cutting edge scores for blockbuster trailers and advertising campaigns. You may not know it, but you will have heard its cues on big campaigns like Avengers: End Game and IT. These tracks certainly pack a punch when it comes to action/sci-fi/horror, and the album ‘Tales’ is one of the best-produced dark fantasy albums in the industry.

Think of any big Marvel, DC Universe or Disney film, and we’d put money on it that you can hear this catalogue on the trailer. LA-based Twelve Titans Music makes high-end trailer music and sound design that enable and inspire creative storytelling. Its credits are impressive, including Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Spiderman and Aladdin, just to name a few. So yeah, they’re kind of a big deal…


High end and cutting edge, this library offers both sound design and world class music for every production. If you need something different and consistently good, this is your place. Particularly good at horror score and dark gothic Americana [think creepy, plucked strings].