About Us

Established in 1951, we’re an independent production music library based in London.

we're good at what we do

Our catalogue dates back to the 1950s and we’re adding new music all the time. The quality and range of our tracks is down to our massively talented (and carefully selected) composers and musicians. We’ve won several UK Production Music Awards and have been nominated for several Mark Awards in the US.

More than library music

If you want a bespoke piece for your production, we can create something that’s absolutely unique – composed and recorded just for your project. Or if you like one of our tracks but would prefer it re-recorded or re-worked so it’s absolutely perfect for your broadcast, we can do that, too. Just ask.

Creativity and innovation

We love supporting the wider creative industries wherever we can. We work with up-and-coming artists, photographers, illustrators and videographers across the UK to create unique cover images, moving images and artwork – seeking new ways to infuse creativity into our albums at every opportunity.

Our core team

Jenny Oakes

Managing Director

Karis Jones

Creative Sync & Licensing Manager

Tim Barker

Metadata & Digital Content Manager

Kelly Douglas​